country club entertainment professor and chalkboard
  • Simple, easy and fun
  • Clean, clever, family-friendly comedians
  • Raise money for teams, clubs, bands...simultaneously
  • A symbiotic evening of healthy humor
  • No deposits or advance payments
  • We take all the risk !!

How It Works

With over 30 years experience and access to 1,000 comedians,
we'll provide a first class, family-friendly comedy show,
appropriate for your school and a family audience.
Many of the comedians we'll have performed on TV shows,
including:The Tonight Show, Letterman, HBO, Showtime,
Comedy Central, Star Search, BET, CMT... and many more.

lots of country club logos

What You Do

Students, supporters and members of your PTA, Sports Teams, Band, Choir, Cheerleaders, French Club . . . ALL sell tickets to the same show.
Each group profits from tickets sold in support of their program while enjoying
an entertaining, symbiotic evening as students, parents, friends and supporters
come together for an evening�of healthy humor. Each person attending the show will receive a good, stress relieving dose of humor therapy and an aerobic workout for their funny bone, while providing exposure and financial support for your school's programs. Truly, this is an opportunity to "Laugh all the way to bank"

Here are a few examples of family-friendly comedians we believe you'll enjoy.
Your reactions to these will help us identify appropriate comedians for your show

Mike Armstrong

Bob Batch

Jeff Caldwell

Mack Dryden

Dave Dugan

Mark Klein

Keith McGill

Marty Pollio

Jacob Williams

Plus, we'll take all the risk

Other fundraising programs require up-front payment and, assuming you sell enough to recoup those funds,
provide at best a 50% return on investment. We require NO up-front payments. We believe in our FUNdrai$ing program enough to be willing to take all the risk in exchange for a percentage of ticket sales paid only after your successful show.

Our FUNdrai$ing program can minimize (or even eliminate) less profitable traditional fundraising methods:
selling candy, doughnuts, candles, mulch, magazine subscriptions . . . that require far more risk and effort by parents and staff,�while providing�a much smaller return for your time and efforts.


Maximize $$$ by having sponsors buy ads in a simple program.
Sponsors may also wish to display banners or, you can come up with creative ideas of your own.

"It was the biggest turnout we have ever had!
All three comedians were great. It was a very nice variety.
Ann Boyd, Board Member
Sacred Heart School Commission.

Promotional Help and Guidance

Visit our full promotion page to see the other ways we help.

We'll provide you with custom graphics for posters, flyers and emails, as well as links to the artists' websites and online video.
Add the links to each of your school's organizations' Facebook pages and other social media. Email, text, and/or tweet the links to staff, students and PTA members, providing them with the opportunity to preview the artists, ensuring everyone knows about your event well in advance.

Below are just three examples of how we'll help with posters.

Everyone Profits

Each of your school's organizations can profit, earning money by having their members and supporters sell tickets.
For example, revenue generated by tickets sold by the football team supports your football program.
Similarly, sales can support your PTA, band, choir ... and every other conceivable group, or divided however you choose.

Click the button above, EMAIL US, or call 502.459.5532. We look forward to helping you "Laugh all the way to the bank."