country club entertainment

Over 1000 Comedians Means . . .

  • Specializing in acts from $500-$5000.
  • Any date, any location, virtually any budget
  • Draw new clientel to your business
  • Expect only appropriate material
  • Avoid getting "fooled" into booking an inexperienced act
  • Maintain your good reputation

Once we learn more about your venue, we'll quickly identify the most appropriate act(s).

country club entertainment

Here are a few examples of professional comedians we believe you'll enjoy.
Your reactions to these will help us identify appropriate comedians for your show

Mike Armstrong

Bob Batch

Jeff Caldwell

Mack Dryden

Dave Dugan

Mark Klein

Keith McGill

Marty Pollio

Jacob Williams

Promotional Help and Guidance

Visit our full promotion page to see the other ways we help.

We'll provide you with graphics to create posters, flyers and emails, as well as links to the artists' websites and online video.
Add the links to each of your school's organizations' Facebook pages and other social media. Email, text, and/or tweet the links to staff, students and PTA members, providing them with the opportunity to preview the artists, ensuring everyone knows about your event well in advance.

Below is just one example of how we'll help promotionally. We'll provide you with a downloadable, legal size (8.5"x14"), print ready/high-resolution, predesigned blank template (left). We'll send promotional pics of the comedians, and even help you with the wording, if needed. In minutes your posters will be done, and you can begin promoting your show.

Choose either a color or black/white poster blank.

Add your show info, comic headshots and school logo

Voila! Posters are done and you can start promoting.