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  • A workshop and student comedy competition in one
  • Professional comedians host, instruct and perform
  • Workshop format fits all student schedules
  • Public speaking skills apply across all fields of study
  • Free downloadable 47-page comedy writing workbook

Underground Comedy College's unique format allows you to accomplish multiple goals in one day. You'll be providing students a fun way to learn practical public speaking skills mixed with the creative writing process. And you'll have a popular comedy show that night because comedy competitions easily draw large crowds.

The only people more excited than the students actively participating in the show will be their friends. It's not uncommon for one performer to have 20-30 friends come out to support him or her. Multiply that times all the aspiring comics on the show, and you're going to need a lot of seats!

You'll get real bang for your buck when you see the large number of students served versus for such a small investment.

Students learn

  • Finding your voice
  • Brainstorming tips
  • Joke writing
  • Punchline Repair
  • Performance
  • The "business" of show biz
  • Includes basics of:
    sketch writing
    and improv

DOWNLOAD HERE in advance so students can start preparing!

Huge success at West Virginia University

To: Sonja Wilson, Sr. Programming Administrator at WVU

I just wanted to take the time to write you an email to let you know that the Last Comic Standing was a complete success!! We ended up having 11 people perform plus the two professional comedians.

This event, by far, brought in the biggest group of students to watch than any other event that I have seen this semester.

Everyone that I talked to really enjoyed this event especially when they realized all these comedians were students and that this was the first time on stage for any of them.

From: Nate James, WVU "Up All Night" Program

WVU article

Here's how it works

The day of the event two experienced, professional comedians will arrive at the school ready to go.

The workshop is an eight-hour window. During this time students can come and go as their schedules permits. The longer a student can stay, the more face-to-face instruction he or she will receive. With at least two instructors, one of them will be able to break away and get any newcomers up to speed.

The students will learn the fundamentals of crafting funny material based on his or her life, interests and unique point-of-view. They'll learn the inner workings of jokes, how to put together a 5-7 minute act, and performance techniques.

Find your school's 'Last Comic Standing'

Right before the show that night, the instructors will be available for any last minute feedback students might want, and they�ll be able to help anyone who is getting nervous. The instructors will organize and host the show.

We will provide a score sheet so that the judges can easily assess a performer's skill level in aspects like originality, stage presence, etc.

After all the students, one of the other instructors will headline the show as the judges tally their votes. The instructors will announce the winners, and then stick around to give feedback to the students.

The event is done! It's been a long day packed with hands-on learning, performing and lots of laughter.

Reinforcing Concepts and Preparing Students for the Future

The skills involved in stand-up can be applied to a number of fields. Business students, broadcast majors, future teachers, aspiring actors, etc. all need to be more confident as public speakers. Nothing prepares people better for that role than learning how to disarm an audience with humor. And the succinct nature of comedy writing offers students a crash course in crafting their ideas for maximum effect.

By either participating in or attending the comedy show, students will have an engaging way to fulfill some class requirements, earn extra credit or simply gain a better understanding of skills that will further their careers someday.

The easiest event you'll do

By getting some high profile students to act as judges for the comedy competition, like the host of the campus radio show or the student president, you'll have even more ways to spread the word about the show.

This low maintenance class/show combo can happen on any day of the week. Schedule it on a day that best fits your needs.

If you've never had a comedy class on campus, it's as easy as just providing the instructors with a single room. That's it! Our comedy class in a box format is virtually self-contained so that you can focus on other tasks while experienced professionals work with the students. And setting up the comedy show that night is just as simple.

A comedy show needs a small well-lit stage and a microphone. The instructors will host, headline and complete the show in a reasonable amount of time. You don't have to do anything else at that point!

With other events you might have to deal with the hassle of creating promotional materials, but not with this show. You�ll receive all the promotional materials you need. Just hit the print button or paste our content into your email or website.

Don�t worry about organizing the people interested in attending the class. Students sign up online through our website, and receive all the info they need via email.